History of Mustang Trekking
Our Company History

Mustang Trekking began when two men, Kulendra Baral and RB Adhikari, made it their mission to empower as many people as possible to travel to Upper Mustang, Nepal and adventure to figuratively and literally broaden peoples’ perspectives. They fell in love with The Himalayas (and each other) through authentic experiences around the world that not only touch the lives of the travelers, but that also enrich the lives of the locals and indigenous peoples. Generate Trekking asserts that all travel should be environmentally and socially conscious travel–with.

Let’s work together for conservation

As a company in today’s competitive global market we strive to run a successful and qualitative business. Adventure Connexion, a responsible tour operator is committed to sustainable tourism. In participation with the local people and communities, we aim to provide each of our customers with an in-depth knowledge about the existing local cultures and the importance of environmental conservation. Even more, our company engages in various initiatives (Travelers Against Plastic, Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation, and Pack for a Purpose) to help create a future where our children are safe, the environment is properly cared for, and the local communities are working towards sustainability.

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