Under Nepal government, Mustang is a legend destination. Located on the dry north side of the Annapurna is a fascinating landscape of deeply carved canyons, beautifully eroded sandstone formations in beautiful glowing palette colors and mountain plateaus overlooking gleaming white glaciers. These Mustang Packages are now incidentally to do while you stay in lodges properly. Accommodation will never be a problem in the Upper Mustang region. Due to the demand from many trekkers, there are many tea houses and home-stay in the area.

In the past, there were no options than carrying along the tents for camping. But, things have changed at present. There are enough tea houses en route for your comfortable accommodation.

However, you should be aware of the festive season. The tea houses during the festival could be very busy and may not be available everywhere on the route.

The accommodation can be quite an issue during the Tiji festival. Because during the time, the locals and foreign trekkers also join in with the celebration.