Camping is a great way to get off the beaten path (even along popular teahouse trekking routes) as well as access more remote parts of Nepal where there isn’t any infrastructure. You’ll have a more unique experience and enjoy vantage points and trails that few trekkers get to see. This is the closest you’ll get to most peoples’ idea of a wilderness adventure. (You can also combine teahouses with camping, as well.)

The Kingdom of Mustang had been a forbidden land until just recently. Even now the Upper Mustang is only opened for a limited number of trekkers. Lo Manthang (Mustang) is located north of the main Himalayan chain between the snow-capped mountains on the east and west bordering Tibet.

Earlier trekking in Mustang Region used to be just camping but now both lodges and camping are possible. Being relatively moderate in grade, trekking in the region is suitable for all age groups of travelers.

Upper Mustang Camping Trek
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$ 2,860.00 $ 2,680.00

, 24 Days - 23 Nights
Upper Mustang
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$ 3,563.00 $ 3,454.00

, , 25 Days - 24 Nights
Upper Dolpo
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$ 5,860.00 $ 5,616.00

, , 32 Days - 31 Nights